Online rostering system that saves you hours

Build employee rosters in minutes with staff availabilities, roles and pricing at your fingertips.

Build employee rosters in minutes

A simple and fast way to create your staff schedule. Get full access to your staff’s real time availability when you’re creating the team schedule or assigning team members to online bookings. Repeat shifts across weeks, fortnights or months to build your roster faster and even schedule in breaks. This simple online rostering system can be used on your mobile phone and frees up your time, helping you to focus on other aspects of your business.

A central place for employee leave

Keeping track of your team’s availabilities, holiday or personal commitments can be time consuming. BetterHQ gives you a place to store this information ensuring you have all the data when creating schedules. Less errors and clashes mean your never short staffed for the best possible customer experience.

Fill shifts quickly and easily

BetterHQs online rostering system also makes it easy to fill shifts when last minute issues pop up. If someone calls in sick, find an available employee without a single phone call or text. Rostering is available over multi locations and venues for easy team management.


Instant access. No credit card required.