Inventory management software that helps improve sales

Track and analyse your stock and inventory levels to boost your efficiency and sales.

Create, upload and edit unlimited inventory

Inventory management doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. Import product lists to add new products and create multiple variants of your products based on size, colour, flavour & more. BetterHQ includes unlimited products so you can complete your inventory management and grow your inventory and business with confidence!

Keep track of stock quantities with notifications

Track and analyse your inventory so you understand what your best sellers are and what’s not moving, enabling you to make better purchasing decisions and boost the general stock turnover of your store. BetterHQ inventory management software also gives you low stock reminders and out of stock notifications so you never miss a sale!

Search, tap or scan products

Adding products to a sale is quick and easy. You can search for items with the global search bar with categories or scan it in with connected hardware. So you can process sales quickly and provides your customers with a streamlined checkout process.


Instant access. No credit card required.