Online booking system that keeps your business up & running 24/7

Use the online appointment scheduling booking system to generate income outside working hours and offer convenience to your customers in real time.

Online booking

Focus on your clients with booking software that makes scheduling easy

Use BetterHQ scheduling solution to generate 24/7 online appointments on your website and never miss a sale due to a missed phone call or lost email. Plus, you can focus on the clients that are with you at the time instead of answering the phone! So easy to get up and running, you’ll wonder how you ever managed manual appointment bookings as a business owner!

Make your company bookable and automate your appointment calendar

Our easy-to-use booking platform lets you map out staff appointment availability & restaurant sittings to display it on your website for customers to book in directly on your booking page. Sync it up with your staff calendars and generate more online appointments and reservations without lifting a finger thanks to seamless calendar sync capabilities. BetterHQ has flexibility to be used across restaurants, service providers, beauty salons and even nail salons, for truly versatile software no matter your business type.

Online appointment scheduling
Accept online bookings form your booking website

Accept bookings made online for better customer service

Instead of calling to book, reschedule, or cancel appointments during work hours only, customers can save time and schedule their own appointments or reservations any time, and from any place on your website. In fact, 60% of customers now expect to be able to make a booking online – so it’s a win-win for you and your customers in streamlining the booking process. The seamless online scheduling make it easy for clients to schedule one off and recurring appointments. You can even share your booking website on your social media!

A scalable booking and reservations solution that helps you manage sittings

For cafe & restaurant owners you can set up your reservations with time & meal sittings with a set number of spots and let customers make reservations and group bookings with ease, effectively eliminating double bookings and any tedious waiting list system! Data security is upheld in a simple, user-friendly interface. With BetterHQ you can be confident that you have booking systems and scheduling software that will scale with your entire company as it grows.

Booking system that boosts your growth
Online booking system with SMS reminders to reduce no shows

Automate SMS reminder feature to reduce no shows for your bookings

Business owners know the frustration of no shows! Whether you’re a salon business or tradie they can be costly to your company. BetterHQ lets you accept credit cards, even gift cards, via our payment integrations and once the appointment is booked create automated email marketing and text reminders to reduce your admin and boost your cash flow! Get started with your free 30 day trial today!


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