Affordable and easy to use POS system

All the point of sale features you need to grow your business.

The feature packed point of sale system built for retail and hospitality businesses of all shapes and sizes

Cash register flexibility from anywhere

Cut wait times with a fast and precise POS system interface that works on a PC, Mac, iPad and tablet so it’s easy to use and provides the flexibility to run your POS system on the go, online & instore.

Better Booking's team management software allows you to set user access privileges for different team members.

Keep inventory in check and boost sales

Manage inventory across multiple outlets with a centralised product catalog system, accessible from your POS, back-office, or on the road. Edit products in bulk, automatically reorder stock, and create variants & composites.

Fast and easy payments for your customers

Our integrated payment options with Square, Stripe and Tyro make it quick and easy for your customers to make payments online and in-store. Boost customer experience with a reliable payment processing system.

Better Booking's team management software allows you to set user access privileges for different team members.

Scale your business with multi-outlets

Easy to add new outlets and registers as your business grows. All key features are designed for multiple outlets so your business operates as one cohesive operation – and additional outlets are at no extra charge!

Integrate with accounting software for smarter business decisions

Connect your POS with major accounting software providers Reckon, Xero, IPA, and QBO to get advanced accounting functionality and save time and money with an integrated system. Gain greater visibility into your business profitability. 


POS system with everything you need to run your business

Frequently asked questions

What is a POS system?

POS stands for Point of Sale and at a very basic level means the area where a customer completes a transaction.

POS software can be thought of like a digital cash register, allowing business owners to keep track of sales, process and accept payments. POS software also typically includes other functionality related to running a store including inventory management, stock control, customer loyalty programs, reporting and employee management.

What is cloud-based POS software?
Traditional desktop point of sale software is downloaded onto one computer and physically connected to a cash register.

Cloud-based point of sale software can be directly accessed from the web and offers a streamlined system that works on most devices and gives users the ability to manage their POS anywhere there’s a wifi connection.

Can I run POS software on any device?
BetterHQ POS system is a web-based point of sale software. This means your POS software will work on any device including a PC, Mac or iPad. All you need to do to get started is log in via a web browser e.g. Chrome.
What are the benefits of a cloud POS system?


Using a cloud based POS system gives you the flexibility and mobility to take payments on the go e.g. at your customer’s table, or at a market stall.

24/7 access

Access your POS software anywhere, anytime even when you aren’t physically in store. Simply log in to your account and you can see real-time sales figures and run reports or add new products or customers.

Beautiful, and intuitive

Cloud based POS software is still relatively new on the market so you get all the benefits of software that has been built with the latest design and user experience principles in mind.

The latest version

BetterHQ is automatically updated in the cloud. So you’ll always use the latest version with no need to manually download new versions and features.

Cost effective

BetterHQ POS features pricing that works on a SaaS (software as service) pricing model.  So you pay a low monthly fee instead of a larger upfront payment for your software licence.  Paying month to month also means you aren’t locked into a contract and can cancel anytime.


Your data is safely stored in the cloud so you won’t be affected by theft or accidents to physical hardware. All data servers have 24/7 security and several layers of encryption.


Cloud based software makes it a lot easier to integrate add-ons or connect with other software applications. Check out the BetterHQ integrations.


Instant access. No credit card required.