Appointments & scheduling software

Book appointments & reservations and manage your calendar efficiently so you can take more bookings with less stress.

An appointments app to check your schedule anytime, anywhere

Our appointment online booking system and scheduling app is available via your web browser or from your mobile in any location so you can access customers info, bookings or reservations on the go. Any new customer bookings or cancellations are synced in real time – so you’re always up-to-date.

Online appointment scheduling software you can customise

Sort your entire schedule by customer, services, gender, staff member, location and more. Giving you the flexibility to run your business whether you’re a cafe or tutor! You can also see all your staff availability in the rostering function to help build your schedule easily!

Automated scheduling software that boosts your efficiency

Spreadsheets and sticky notes can only go so far. BetterHQ automates key tasks such as reoccurring appointments, waitlists, online bookings and reminder texts so you can spend more time focusing on customers and growing your business.

Smart calendar software that give you business insights

When booking an appointment, the information automatically flows into your sales, client records and your reporting dashboard for a real-time snapshot of your financials with less data entry. Perfect for managing your cash flow!


Instant access. No credit card required.