Turbocharge with BetterHQ + Reckon Accounts Hosted Advanced Integration

Manage both your business and accounting together in one integrated and powerful solution!

Why connect BetterHQ to Reckon Accounts Hosted?


The BetterHQ + Reckon Accounts Hosted integration is the perfect solution to supercharge the efficiency of your business. Once connected you can simplify your bank reconciliation, easily track GST and automatically group and push your BetterHQ sales into your chart of accounts – saving time, reducing errors and helping you better understand how your business is tracking financially. 

Sync Clients

Automatically sync clients and client data from BetterHQ to Reckon Accounts Hosted keeping both systems up to date and you on the pulse.

Sync Invoices

Any booking or merchandise sales added to invoices in BetterHQ will sync to Reckon Accounts Hosted. BetterHQ invoices, regardless if they are unpaid, part paid or fully paid, will be passed to Reckon Accounts Hosted with associated payments ensuring your accounting software is the source of accounting truth.


Sync Items & Inventory

Your Reckon Accounts Hosted items will be synced with BetterHQ , with every subsequent sale adjusting your inventory giving you the insight into most popular products and reorders

See our full Reckon Accounts Hosted integration help article for more information.

More about BetterHQ

BetterHQ is online scheduling & POS software that runs your entire business. Manage scheduling, contacts, point of sale, clients and payments on a secure, central system. With everything you need at your fingertips you can streamline your business and provide a better experience for your customers and clients. Take it further by utilising one of the many integrations BetterHQ offers. Get started today and experience better business management.

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More about Reckon Accounts Hosted


Reckon Accounts Hosted is online accounting software for large businesses. With powerful features including invoicing, payroll,  bank reconciliation, and superior reporting, Reckon Accounts Hosted is the perfect solution to manage your business, from anywhere!

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